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We Know That Quality Matters in Sample Preparation

We are PACE Technologies, your trusted supplier of premium metallographic equipment and consumables. We've been family-owned and operated for nearly three decades. We're committed to delivering excellence in sample preparation for your materials analysis needs.

  • Expertise in Materials Testing

    Rely on our specialized expertise in metallographic materials analysis. Our team of seasoned professionals have decades of experience in the field, and will provide tailored solutions to meet your precise testing requirements, ensuring accurate and dependable results every time.

  • Premium Products and Consumables

    Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality materials testing equipment, consumables, and accessories. Meticulously crafted for reliability and precision, our products guarantee superior performance in your testing processes.

  • Exceptional Customer Support:

    Experience customer support above and beyond the call of duty from our dedicated customer service team. Whether you need assistance with product selection, technical guidance, or post-purchase support, we're here to ensure your satisfaction at every step of the way.

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Metallography, Metallurgical Testing, Microstructural Analysis

Metallography, also known as metallographic analysis, plays a crucial role in understanding the microstructure of materials, making it essential for metallurgical testing and materials science. Analyzing the microstructure of metals provides insights into their processing quality, making it indispensable for ensuring product reliability through Quality Control processes. Additionally, metallographic failure analysis serves as a vital tool in determining the causes behind material failures. While metallurgy traditionally focuses on metals, its principles extend to various materials, including ceramics, plastics, minerals, and even unconventional applications such as statistical analysis of fish ear bone thickness to gauge the age of fish populations in lakes. Trust our metallographic products to enhance your materials analysis capabilities.

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