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Metallographic Equipment

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Metallographic Equipment

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Abrasive Cutters - featuring metallographic manual and automatic wheel feed cutting with stationary or automated table feed. Abrasive wheel sizes range from 10-inch diameter to 18-inch diameter.
Abrasive blade cutting consumables

Metallographic equipment abrasive cutter 

Wafering Saws - metallographic diamond wafering saws ranging from low/medium speed precision cutters (PICO-155 / PICO-155P) to high speed automatic diamond wafer cutters (PICO-175). These diamond and small abrasive saws have low and high speed cutting capabilities for a wide range of materials from ceramics and glass to sensitive electronics components.
Wafering blade cutting consumables

Metallographic equipment diamond wafering saw

Compression Mounting Presses - for producing metallographic mounts ranging from 1" to 2" diameter. These presses are available in a semi-automated (manual pressure adjustment with auto heating / cooling), an automated version (automated pressure and heating / cooling) and a fully automatic programmable version for 200 operator-created programs.
Compression mounting consumables

Metallographic equipment mounting presses

Castable Vacuum Mounting - Vacuum mounting of metallographic castable mounting resins significantly improves penetration of voids and provide better edge retention. The LSSA-011 vacuum impregnation unit allows for pouring the resin under maximum vacuum and for mounting multiple specimens.

castable mounting resin

Hand and Belt Grinders
-PENTA-5000 5-station metallographic and grinder offers the small lab the ability to prepare samples for macro viewing within minutes. This hand grinder offers 5 stations for coarse to fine grinding. With the addition of the 5th station a near polished specimen can be obtained using a 1200 (P4000) grit SiC paper.

PENTA-7500 metallogrpahic belt grinder for wet/dry coarse grinding.

Metallographic equipment manual grinder  polisher

Manual Polishers - metallographic manual polishers are available with fixed or variable speed manual polishing wheels, ranging in wheel sizes from 8" - 14" diameter.

Metallographic equipment manual grinder  polisher

Automated Polishing Heads - For polishing metallographic semi-automated polishing of individual specimens.

Metallographic equipment automated polisher

Vibratory Polisher - The GIGA-0900 metallographic vibratory polisher is a 9-inch and the GIGA 1200 is a 12-inch metallurgical vibratory polisher. These polisher offers the benefit of both frequency and voltage to control for polishing a wide range of sample types and sizes.

Metallographic equipment automated polisher

Metallurgical Microscopes
Inverted microscope with BF only
Inverted microscope wtih BF,DF, polarized light and DIC
Stereo microscope

Metallographic electropolisher

Hardness Testers
Microhardness testers
Rockwell and Brinell hardness testers

Metallographic microhardness tester

Image Analysis
-Measurement tools: calibration, length, angle, perimeter, width, radius, area, circle, color, counting
Metallographic Tools (examples)
- Particle measurement
- Segmentation
-Grain size
(Manual, Manual circle, Manual line, Comparison,
Automatic circle, ALA, Selection)

- Decarburization
- Nodularity
- Flake
-Coating thickness
(Psuedo-color, Parallel-line, Trace, Selected Coating)
- Inclusion
(Porosity, Selected area)

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